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In addition to the Precision Lighting Instruments we sell and rent, we also provide studio design services, technical information, videos and consultation to enable our clients to get the best output for their input.

Dedolight Video of the Month


Tech Vlog Reviews the IREDZilla

Sarah from Tech Vlog illustrates the capabilities of the  Dedolight IREDZilla in the great outdoors of Northern Ontario. The power of this infrared fixture mixed with her character make this video a fun and educational watch!

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DedoCanada News

Dedolights on Set of Captain Marvel

Dedolights on Set: Captain Marvel Courtesy of Marianne Exbrayat at Dedolight California we have this testimonial from Gaffer Ross Dunkerley on the Turbo7. “I’ve been a devoted fan of Dedolights since first being introduced to them in the early 90’s. I’ve carried at...

DedoCanada now has a Rental Department at AirMagic

DedoCanada now has a rental department at AirMagic. 3 x DLED7-Bi: 40 watt focusing LED Fixtures 3 x DBD8:  Barn doors 3 x DT7-Bi-DMX-U: AC power supply/dimmer 1 x DP1.1 Imager w 85mm lens: s/n 1/30962 (slightly damaged) 1 x DPGH: gobo holder “m” size 1 x DGSET: gobo...

NAB 2019 VIP Meeting

The emphasis will be on new innovation and evolution of the DLED series focusing fixtures, imaging and accessories, reflected light and parallel beam adapters.