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In addition to the Precision Lighting Instruments we sell and rent, we also provide studio design services, technical information, videos and consultation to enable our clients to get the best output for their input.

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Dedolight prices in Canada are competitive with B&H Photo Video and other big box online stores in the US.

Please note we only sell to Canadian customers.

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A Message from the President

Please allow me to introduce the new DedoCanda/ Flight Productions is proud to be the exclusive Canadian agent/distributor for Dedolight.

Now Booking Summer Demos!

New fixtures available include the DLED30-D, DLED110-BI: 2 x 220, and the DPB70, a 1200 watt HMI Parallel Beam – 4 degree spread. Contact Terry Crack to book a demo.

DLED3 Micro Head Review – VIDEO (2 mins)

Pete Burns, a lighting cameraman in the UK breaks down the DLED3 Micro Kit and gives the DLED3 and kit as a whole his thoughts. Watch the video below (2 mins).