News and Events

Below is the latest news and events regarding anything Dedolight and DedoCanada.

Dedolights on Set of Captain Marvel

Dedolights on Set: Captain Marvel Courtesy of Marianne Exbrayat at Dedolight California we have this testimonial from Gaffer Ross Dunkerley on the Turbo7. “I’ve been a devoted fan of Dedolights since first being introduced to them in the early 90’s. I’ve carried at...

DedoCanada now has a Rental Department at AirMagic

DedoCanada now has a rental department at AirMagic. 3 x DLED7-Bi: 40 watt focusing LED Fixtures 3 x DBD8:  Barn doors 3 x DT7-Bi-DMX-U: AC power supply/dimmer 1 x DP1.1 Imager w 85mm lens: s/n 1/30962 (slightly damaged) 1 x DPGH: gobo holder “m” size 1 x DGSET: gobo...

NAB 2019 VIP Meeting

The emphasis will be on new innovation and evolution of the DLED series focusing fixtures, imaging and accessories, reflected light and parallel beam adapters.

Forensic Lighting Kits

The Dedolight Multi Spectral Forensic Lighting Kit enables Forensic Specialists more precise & faster inspection of crime scenes as required by demands of Forensic Science.

New Showroom / Testing Facility in California

Dedolight California is opening a showroom/testing facility in Burbank where Cinematographers and Gaffers are invited to explore the creative Dedolight product line.  A truss, large projection wall, backdrops, cameras and monitors make our playground a unique facility...

Save on EFLECT

  In the Spirit of the Season In the spirit of the Season - 15% discount on all EFLECT orders placed before Christmas. Delivery in the new year. Contact us for a quote or to place an order.   [pdf-embedder...

Volkswagon Lit by Dedolight

Check out our first edition of Dedolights on Set – a series of photos from a Volkswagon shoot showing the precision of Dedolights in action!

DedoCanada Lights AirMagic’s NEW Studio 30

Air Magic has announced the opening of Studio 30 and DedoCanada is pleased to announce a partnership in this project whereby we will be providing the lighting for the studio.

DMX Upgrade to Rental Kits

Many or our clients had been requesting this change so… We are pleased to announce that our DLED4-BI (40 watt focusing LED, bi-colour) and DLED7-BI (Turbo7 focusing LED, bi-colour) 3 light Rental kits have now been up-graded to DMX power supplies/dimmers.

“Table Top Dedolight Lightstream”

DedoCanada will feature “Table Top Dedolight Lightstream” at the HD Source Open House. See the quality of light created by the different reflectors.