Cine Gear 2019 was a "Buzz"

Well there was quite a buzz at this year’s Cine Gear; a lot of very talented production people crowded into the Historic Paramount Studios.

Dedo Weigert Film had a booth inside Studio 5 and Dedolight California was outside next to “The Tank”.

Unquestionably the highlights of the show for us included:

  • The creative response to the DLED series of focusing fixtures with both imaging attachments and the Parallel Beam Adaptors (light intensifiers) in collaboration with Dedolight Lightstream Reflectors was inimitable.
  • The Industry’s welcome to the new Dedolight California operation was very positive.  For many people Cine Gear was their first introduction to Dedolight California which is located right next door in Burbank. Knowing that there is now a Dedo testing facility and showroom seemed to elicit both a sense of “finally” and “great” from the many people who have known and worked with Dedolight over the years.
  • Then there was the DedoCal Wizard Cart — a little bit of genius from Marianne at Dedolight California. Now this is an idea that will be coming to Canada very soon!

The downside — only that it was a little cool in Los Angeles for this time of year!