Dedolights on Set: Captain Marvel

Courtesy of Marianne Exbrayat at Dedolight California we have this testimonial from Gaffer Ross Dunkerley on the Turbo7.

“I’ve been a devoted fan of Dedolights since first being introduced to them in the early 90’s. I’ve carried at least one Dedo kit on every film and television show I’ve done since. I was thrilled when the DLED7 Turbo was released… So much so, that I bought my own kit. In today’s environment, where the shift seems to creating softer and softer LED sources, I’m very appreciative of Dedo’s commitment to bringing the incredible and unique optics of their traditional units into the bi-color LED world. As always, there’s nothing out there that does what a Dedolight does. I look forward to their continued innovations.”

In addition to his work as a Gaffer on Captain Marvel, Ross Dunkerley impressive list of credits includes:

Fear of the Walking Dead (17 episodes), 15:17 to Paris, Sully, American Sniper, Jersey Boys, The Hunger Games, J. Edgar, Letters from Iwo Jima & Letters of our Fathers, and many more.

Captain Marvel USA release is March 8 2019.