News and Events

Below is the latest news and events regarding anything Dedolight and DedoCanada.

Demo Equipment Available

Demo Equipment Available It was not so long ago that LED was not technically advanced enough to use as a creative light source in Film, Television & Photography. Standard tungsten lights were recognized as a beautiful source second only to the sun. HMI while...

Demo Equipment Now Available for Purchase

As we all know LED technology has improved to the point where it is now dominating the Film & Video sales marketplace. However as creative tools, Tungsten & HMI fixtures are still used frequently in production. Why you may ask? They still produce great light!...

DedoCanada to be at HD Source 2017 Open House

HD Source's annual Open House is Thursday October 12th!  As always, DedoCanada will be present and showing off the latest and greatest from Dedolight. Among the products normally on display, the new products to be shown off include the DLED Turbo 3, Turbo 7 and the...

The Ceiling Light

New in Fall 2017 for DedoCanada: The Dedo DCL60D LED Ceiling Fixture. This LED Ceiling fixture is built with daylight colour temperature, 45 degree exit angle, asymmetric, DMX control, just to name a few. The fixture is ideal for Board Rooms, Video Studios with low...

Now Booking Demos – Featuring the new Felloni Turbo

Want to see the new Felloni Turbo Bicolour 50 up close and personal? Book a demo to have at your space with a Dedo expert on hand to guide you through the extensive capabilities of this new light fixture.

The Turbo DLED3 and Turbo DLED 7 are also available to be demonstrated!

Dedolight Well Represented at 2017 NAB

What has become a yearly event, Dedo Weigert hosted a special VIP presentation highlighting some new products that include the Pocket Ledrama, the Liteflex, Parallel Beam/ Adapter and more!