HD Source Open House 2018

DedoCanada will feature “Table Top Dedolight Lightstream” at the HD Source Open House. While the scale may be small it will be a good opportunity to see the quality of light created by the different reflectors.

The Open House will also feature the following show specials on the DLED4-BI and the Felloni2.

Don’t forget to register to the Open House on October 11th!

Show Specials:


  • 1x1 LED Panel
  • Bi-colour
  • 50 degree
  • High Output

$995.00 plus tax & shipping if required.


  • 40 watt LED focusing fixture with DBD8 barndoor
  • DPLS light shield ring
  • DT4-BI-U power supply/dimmer

$1645.00 plus tax & shipping if required.

Please click the ticket below to go to the registration page for the open house on October 11, 2018!